• Sos. Fundeni, nr. 39, Judetul Ilfov

About Ultare

ULTARE SRL is a global professional consulting company, providing services and solutions in strategy, business development, technology and operations. The company's business is structured around two operating groups, which together comprise thirteen industry groups serving clients in major industries around the world, namely, Natural resources, Business consultation.

Our Mission

To be the top consulting and technological solutions provider to the Yemeni market within 5 years. Being a key consulting partner with the governmental institutions and private sector for the benefit of the stakeholder.

Our Vision

To provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that; deliver premium value to our customer, Employee are proud of and investors seek for long term return.

Our Address

ULTARE TRADING AND CONSULTATION S.R.L Sediul social: Ors orș. Voluntari, Str. Galata nr. 55, bl. C, et. 6, ap. 41, Jud. IIfov. 77190.

Număr de ordine în R.C.:
CUI: 39890729